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우리나라에선 이미 개봉했던 스타트렉 다크니스의 OST 작업에 낚았다횽이 참가했다 함.

다만, 이 음악이 국가별로 맞춰 나가는거라.. 우리나라 극장판에서는 당근 안나왔을듯.

스타트렉 안봤어서 멘붕할 뻔 했다가 복귀. 음원은 일본 아이튠즈에서 판매중.


Additional tracks were created by various artists across six different countries as region-specific bonus tracks.[6] The various songs played in their respected regions during a scene in which Scotty and Keenser are hanging out at a club. While the instrumental for the track is consistent throughout each of the artists' recordings, composed by J. J. Abrams and Charles Scott, each artist paired up with a music producer to write their own lyrics and melody for the song.[7] The region-specific musicians include Kassia Conway with Anne Preven (United States/Canada), Bo Bruce with Gary Lightbody (United Kingdom), Penelope Austin with Robert Conley (Australia), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with Yasutaka Nakata (Japan), I.V. (France), Roxana Puente (Mexico) and C?u (Brazil).[8]
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