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닥터후 소설 Timewyrm: Revelation
"Now, the viral creature was attempting to see the datascape as
the Doctor saw it, constructing the area as a two-dimensional map,
a simple pattern. This Time Lord, it decided, must have a real gift for approximation.
The datascape extended into time as well as space, and the wetware (a human term meaning biological computer hardware - the Wyrm had liked the sound) it was housed in was threaded with symbiotic nuclei.
These had defied analysis, a fact that, considering the Timewyrms resources, was equally astonishing. They were, as far as the being could fathom, atomic nuclei that somehow acted in an intelligent manner,
coordinating the host's nervous system on a hyperspatial level.

The host, the Timewyrm was beginning to realize, was a lot more than a simple intelligence. The mere concept of memory in such a being was complex. Memories of the future, of alternate possibilities of t
achyon-based fictional universes - there was the potential to access them all."

요약: 닥터는 가능한 모든 미래와 평행세계에 대한 기억에 접속할수 있는 잠재력이 있다.
-> 걸어다니는 아카식 레코드

닥터후 단편 소설: Continuity Errors
"You think this guy can talk his way from a detention cell to the captain's chair on any given starship in under twenty-five minutes because he's cute? You've seen the pictures. He's not big on cute! According to every report we've got, he come across as erratic, arrogant, rude, reckless, and quite possibly insane. So you've got to start wondering why any military outfit he comes in contact with hands him the keys to the gun cupboard, not to mention supreme command, before they've even cleared him of the murder they've usually just arrested him for.

Why? Understand this. The Doctor is not a person in any sense we understand. He is what I like to call a
CSTE - a Complex Space-Time Event. In fact, I believe he is the most complex space-time event there has ever been anywhere. And like all such events he cannot easily be studied because his very presence alters the way you think.

Consider: this man has telepathic abilities that can automatically translate every language in the Universe - not only for himself but for all those in his immediate company. Each of his so-called companions seems to have wandered the universe in the happy belief that the entire cosmos speaks their language and, somehow, not considered this even mildly suprising. The conclusion is inescapable. He not only translates for those around him but he also uses the same remote telepathic control to suppress any curiosity on the point.

Consider also: if he routinely alters our perceptions to this degree, how else are we misled?"

요약: 닥터는 그를 관찰하는 모든 대상의 인식도를 자기 맘대로 조종하며 바꾸고,
어떤 이들은 닥터를 걸어다니는 복합적 시공간 이벤트로 보기도 한다네요.

그리고 같은 소설에서 처음 만난 일반인 한테:
"He smiled again, but it was a sad kind of smile this time. "Lets just say I'm a doctor of history."

She smirked, in a way exactly calculated to inform people when they are being pretentious.
"You mean you study it."

"I mean I make it better." And he held her look. Funny thing about those eyes....

For a giddy, plunging moment she believed him. She knew he really needed the book, knew that she could trust him absolutely, knew that lives hung in the balance and only this improbable-looking music-hall reject could make a difference. She found herself reaching to punch in the authorization codes and the complex protocols that would pluck the book from it's shelf half a world away, suck it through a HyperTube, and thump it down on the desk in front of her. As her fingers flickered over the sensor pad, she only hoped it wasn't too late, prayed she hadn't cost this strange little man too much time...."

요약: 처음 만난 사람한테 닥터가 아주 중요한 책을 달라고 하자 그냥 줘버린다. 아무런 의심없이.

소설 Camera Obscura 에서 닥터의 라이벌인 Sabbath 가 말하길:
"Sabbath shrugged graciously. "You know, Doctor, even allowing for the, ah, unique circumstances of your last near-death experience, it's extraordinary how often you're plucked out of trouble at the last minute."

"Is it?"

"Rescuers turn up. Weapons jam. Your companions, who, if you will forgive me, don't strike me as more than usually competent, save the day. Buildings explode immediately after you find the way out. Cities fall just as the TARDIS dematerialises."

"Exaggerated reports, I assure you."

"Electrical currents short-circuit. Evil masterminds make foolish errors. If you fall out of a window, there's something to catch you. If you're drowning, a spar floats by. You find your way unsinged out of burning houses."

"Where do you get all this stuff? I don't remember half of it."

"You survive alien mind probes that would boil the average brain in it's skull. You are dug unharmed from beneath fallen rubble. No one ever shoots you in the head. Deadly drugs turn out not to affect you. Villains tie you up too loosely, and hide-bound tyrants convictions falter at your rhetoric. In short," Sabbath finished smoothly, "in your presence, the odds collapse.""

그리고 조금 있다가:
""Disaster flies at you," said Sabbath, "and then, suddenly, it swerves aside. As if it encountered a force field.""

그후 그당시 닥터의 동반자인 Anji가 말하길:
""When we arrive somewhere," she said, carefully, feeling her way, "often it's as if everything there - the place we've come to, I mean - was suspended, in a state of balance, waiting to tip one way or another, or maybe just waiting to tip, full stop. And then you enter the equation, and it tips. As if your arrival somehow completed a process. Like you were a fate or something. Catalytic," she said triumphantly. "Thats the word."

"The wave function collapses," he said tonelessly. She looked at him again. His eyes were hooded and his face very still. "The cat lives or dies"."

요약: 닥터가 슈뢰딩거의 고양이를 비유로 들며, 자신이 어느곳에 도착하면 그곳에서의 파동함수가 무너진다네요.

양자역학을 조금이라도 관심을 가져보신분이라면 파동함수는 어떠한 입자가 그위치에 존재할 확률을 뜻한다는 것을 알고계실 겁니다. 이걸 그 사건 전체로 확대해서 보면, 어떠한 사건이 좋게 끝나거나, 나쁘게 끝날 확률을 의미한다고 볼수 있습니다.

그런데 닥터가 도착하면 이게 무너진다네요.
한마디로 닥터가 도착하는 순간 이 사건이 어떻게 끝날지 딱 결정이 되어 버린다는 소리입니다.

또 소설 끝에 가서는, 닥터가 자신의 주인공 보정을 직접 시험해 봅니다.

""You're not going to....You're not planning to keep on until the ball goes through the wall, are you?"

"Well," said the Doctor, "I thought I might."

"You're going to stand here for zillions of years?"

"That wouldn't work. I'd be long dead."

"Well, you'll be long dead before the odds come up anyway, wont you? Not to mention me. Not to mention probably the whole universe."

"Mm." Thump. Thwack. Pause. "We've talked about probability."

"Yeah. Well, you have. I've listened mostly."

"Well, as long as probability is functioning, then yes, both of us will likely be long dead before this ball could ever go through the wall. We can't physically wait long enough for the odds to come up. But if the wave function collapses, if "long enough" becomes "now"...."

"But what could make that happen?"

"That's the question."

Fitz looked closely at the Doctor's face, trying to discern whether he was having him on. The Doctor turned to meet his gaze. His eyes had that flat, faraway look that always gave Fitz a tiny shiver.

"Well," Fitz said, "I'll leave you to it."

The Doctor nodded and turned back to the ball. Fitz returned to the kitchen.

Thump. Thwack. Pause.

"But if the wave function collapses...." The Doctor murmured.

The ball went through the wall.

"Ouch!" said Fitz."

요약: 닥터가 공을 벽에다 계속해서 던지다가, 그 공이 벽을 뚤고 지나갈 확률의 파동함수를 무너뜨린다고 중얼거리자 공이 벽을 뚤고 지나갑니다. -> 걸어다니는 사상병기

즉 닥터는 주인공 보정 때문에 사건해결한게 아니라 원래 보정을 받는 초능력이 있었던 겁니다.

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