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Finally snow and lots of wind ? I really can’t dream of anything better when I am photographing the wildlife in the northern part of Greenland. Yesterday I went out for just a few hours and I got some very nice pictures of one of my favorite animals ? the arctic fox. Now we only have about 3 hours of reasonable light every day, and when I return to Thule in the end of November I will be limited to photograph less than one hour ? at least for the wildlife.

As usual I used my favorite kit the Nikon D4 and the 200-400mm. I am so pleased with it’s high ISO performance but as usual I had a hard time to follow the running fox. The autofocus simply doesn’t like the snow and the low contrast scene. Tomorrow I will play with the Canon 5D Mark III and the 70-300mm L, to see how the Canon handles these situations. Not a fair comparison indeed but fine for now.

Enjoy the Arctic Fox in Whiteout